APSU Notes

Syllabus & D2L Quiz

Question 1

What is the best way to contact the instructor?

Use the instructor’s offical @apsu.edu email

Question 2

What needs to be included in the subject line of email communications?

Class and Section Number

Question 3

What format are pictures for art project assignments suppose to use? (Select Two)

.pdf and .jpg

Question 4

Which are parts of the written assigment format instructions? (Select Four)

12 point font size

1 inch margins

Double Spaced

Summitted in .pdf, .doc, or .docx file format

Question 5

Where can you find the textbook for this course? (Select Two)

It can be downloaded from the .pdf file on D2L

It can be downloaed from the website listed on the syllabus and D2L

Question 6

What do you need to do if you need more time on an assigment?

Email the instructor before the due date and ask for an extension

Question 7

Where can you find information on what to expect each week, as well as important information on changes to the class schedule.

The class home page, under announcements

Question 8

You are allowed how many unexcused absences before you will start losing points?


Question 9

The following are acceptable absences and once documentation has been submitted you can make up dicussions and quizzes. (Select Three)

A funeral pamphlet or obituary for a family memeber of friend within 7 days of assigment

A doctor note (Maxient self reporting form), medical clinic note, or hosptial note with date with 3 days of assigment for you or a dependent

A military deployment order with 2 weeks of assignment

Question 10

It is ok to wear headphones or ear buds during class. The instructor will not notice.