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Chapter Seven: Form in Architecture Quiz

Question 1

What is the term for the circular, dome-like, structure used by followers of Buddhism?


View Feedback The stupa is a domed, hemispherical structure that functions as a Buddhist shrine. Buddhist circumambulate the stupa as part of their ritual.

Question 2

Frank Lloyd Wright developed an architectural style called the Prairie Style

Question 3

A man-made mountain that helped raise men closer to the gods in the celestial regions is called a


View Feedback The term ziggurat refers to the man-made platform for a temple in the Mesopotamian Valley that brings man closer to the heavens where the gods were believed to reside

Question 4

Pacific Island cultures and Native American cultures celebrate communal events of their heritage using Totems objects or animals that hold significance for a group of people.

Question 5

Which were the primary uses of architecture that were discussed in the chapter?

Residential and Worship

View Feedback While the chapter discussed several functions for architecture the majority of examples we examined functioned as homes, residential buildings, and worship, including a variety of religious and spiritual beliefs.

Question 6

The mast-like feature, or yasti, that rises up from the center of a stupa represents which of the following?

Axis mundi or axis of the world

View Feedback The axis mundi or axis of the world is represented by a vertical pole that rises from the center of a stupa toward the heavens

Question 7

Barrel vaults are a series of circular arches that form a ceiling or roof.

Question 8

In which of the following ways has the Dalia Lama’s residence, the Potala Palace in Tibet, function?

As a palace, spiritual, and government center

View Feedback As a palace, spiritual, and government center.

Question 9

Greek temples like the Parthenon are located

on an acropolis

View Feedback An acropolis, or "high city", is a hilltop setting reserved for temples and other sacred sites and structures.

Question 10

Which of the following are terms for parts of a Gothic cathedral?

Nave, ribbed vaulting, pointed arches, flying buttresses, and rose window

View Feedback Several defining features of the Gothic cathedral were the nave, pointed arch, the ribbed vault, flying buttresses, and the round stained glass windows call the rose windows.


Chapter Seven: Form in Architecture