APSU Notes

Chapter Eleven: Art & Ethics Quiz

Question 1

Taking existing objets or images, with little or no changes, using them in or as one’s own work.


Question 2

What photographic technique uses a digital effect that has been repeatedly duplicated?


Question 3

The idea of suppressing explicit, offensive images and written material is called what?


Question 4

Copyrights for artists remain in place for the artist’s lifetime plus

70 yrs

Question 5

Digital Manipulation of photographs using computer software is so commonplace today it generally is noticed.


Question 6

Art maybe unethical to some and ethical for others because art is subjective.

Question 7

The art work of Sherrie Levine was her way of questioning notions of “originality”, “creativity”, and “reproduction.”

Question 8

Marcel Duchamp created a work of art out of a men’s urinal and created an ethical dilemma.

Question 9

Photojournalists are expected to follow the National Press Photographers Association’s Code of Ethics in manipulation and acquisition of those images.

Question 10

Art is part of the cultural heritage and indentity of the society in which it is made.


Chapter Eleven: Art & Ethics