APSU Notes

ART 1035 Introduction to Art
Art Project: Origami

Due: March 14, 2022 by 11:59 PM

What is Origami?

Origami is the art of paper-folding. Its name derives from Japanese words ori (“folding”) and kami (“paper”). Traditional origami consists of folding a single sheet of square paper (often with a colored side) into a sculpture without cutting, gluing, taping, or even marking it.

From: https://mymodernmet.com/history-of-origami-definition/

Learning Outcomes:

  • Differentiate characteristics that relate an individual or group of works to a cultural style, stylistic movement or period, or an individual artist’s style.
  • Distinguish between various materials, processes, and methods in the production of art objects
  • Describe the differences among valuation of art materials, especially with regard to intrinsic qualities of raw material versus produced objects.

Required Materials:

  • Origami Paper
  • Camera or Camera Phone


  • You will create 3 pieces of origami of your choosing
    • Precision is key to success, you made need to make several versions of your final pieces to be successful
  • The internet is a valuable resource for finding patterns and tutorials (I have provided a YouTube search link and a website link as a starting point)
  • You will photograph each piece of origami separately and submit each photograph to the assignment folder in either .jpg or .pdf format.

Rubric: rubric